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Geometría Del Vínculo

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Based in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sales de Baño is a group that brings together musicians of different nationalities. Led by Colombian composer and bassist Carlos Quebrada, their sound explorations have led them to expand the languages of jazz, and incorporate elements of experimental rock, contemporary music, and free improvisation. Geometría Del Vínculo (Geometry of the bond) is Sales de Baño's third album, can be understood as an avant-garde jazz album which is also connected with the spirit of Rock in Opposition. The ostinati converse with free forms, in sequences that can lead to attacks of noisy abstraction, which spring from both rock and free jazz, then go back and build complex sonic architectures where the guitar and the trumpet are featured as solo instruments. Geometría Del Vínculo confirms Sales de Baño as one of the most innovative groups of the Argentinean experimental scene, a scene that has brought to international attention other notable groups, and of similar concerns, such as Nicotina es Primavera or El devenir del Río. Sales de Baño is: Carlos Quebrada - bass, composition; Federico Isasti - drums; Andrés Marino - piano, keyboards, electronics; Camilo Ángeles - flutes; Mariano Cepeda - electric guitar; Agustín Zuanigh - trumpet. 01 Asu 4:06 02 Geometría Del Vínculo Parte I 6:01 03 Confiamos En El Veneno Parte I 6:38 04 Primer Temblor Parte I 3:29 05 Geometría Del Vínculo Parte II 6:02 06 Primer Temblor Parte II 3:16 07 Confiamos En El Veneno Parte II 4:38 08 Mono 4:53

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