Oliver Dollar & Mike (Agent X) Clark

Body Talk Featuring D13 w/ Dez Andres Remix

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Detroit's premier creative space, art gallery and club Spot Lite is proud to announce its second vinyl/digital EP from the sensational duo Oliver Dollar and Mike (Agent X) Clark entitled “Body Talk.” The legendary DJ Dez Andres jumped in on the bonus remix. This three track EP floor filler was written and produced in the heart of Detroit in 2021. With its deep grooves, soulful vocals and infectious beats, Body Talk is sure to get your body moving and heart racing. The A-side features the original mix complete with a lush melody and a driving rhythm section sure to evoke the disco queen in all of us. The B-side delivers with Dez Andrés adding his unique touch to the original, creating a perfect balance between his manual production style and the track's polished vocals. This release is a must-have for any house music collector or DJ who is looking to add more Detroit flavor to their sets. Body Talk is a timeless record that captures the essence of the Motor City's vibrant music scene. Be sure to get your hands on this limited-edition vinyl that is limited to 300 first pressing on a deep purple colored vinyl. Experience the magic of Detroit's underground house music. Catalog number SPLTE 002. Available now!

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