Luke Sandler

We Go From Here

Mind Of Ours
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Originally established as a charity supporting club night with a focus on mental health, London-based outfit Mind Of Ours proudly present this debut release with their strongly rooted club and rave foundations instilled into the grooves of the vinyl. We Go From Here EP comes from the exciting rising producer and Mind Of Ours co-founder Luke Sandler, who has previously released on labels Eagervision Records & Of Onyx. He produced this new project entirely whilst simultaneously working on the NHS frontline during this Covid-19 pandemic. Through the space and time of five incredible tracks, Luke Sandler skilfully presents us with a cross section of UK club culture, built with a rich and visceral rave aesthetic and providing both warm nostalgia and stark originality as it transports us to a dark & misty yet highly euphoric nightclub dancefloor. We open with Tommy Hilfiger, a constantly shuffling, bumpy & bleepy lo-fi house x breaks hybrid which reflects both retro and contemporary club fundamentals. Next up Don’t Think slowly builds and crescendos with it’s irresistibly hard-hitting breakbeat percussion before exploding into a gorgeously exhilarating universe of goose- bump inducing musical delight. Side A then finishes with title track We Go From Here which is informed by its deep rhythmics and sweeping movement resulting in a piece of music which sends you on a journey of epic proportions. Flip the record and we find Synapse, a track more in line with House & Techno tradition, it carries an undeniable groove and effortlessly blends grittiness with euphoria, emphasised with hypnotising digital arpeggios. Things are then rounded off with Cara, a beautifully haunting experimental affair steeped in emotive wonder, underpinned by its relentless and constantly building vocal loops and melodic keys.

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