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Hoshiko Yamane: A violinist, member of a German progressive band, Tangerine Dream. Makoto Sakamoto: A noise-ambient artist, member of a dance music unit, Sub Human Bros. It's like two of them having a conversation, everything happens right there on the fly, their sound just goes by how they go and with the sound they create, you will realize you are in that “moment” that passes by. That’s where they will get you in. With having completely different “music” backgrounds, who knows how but they crossed the paths. And that is something that you will be glad about after an hour of experiencing the world that they introduce you to. length: 6 tacks (59:42) Tracklist: Ⅰ (04:59) Ⅱ (14:11) Ⅲ (05:32) Ⅳ (10:00) Ⅴ (11:24) Ⅵ (12:36) Release event date: November 21th 2019 venue: ausland berlin address: Lychener Str. 60, 10437 Berlin

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