Grand Wizard Theodore / The Fantastic Romantic 5

Can I Get A Soul Clapp 'Fresh Out Of The Pack'

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When you get the chance to re-release a piece of Hip-Hop history, then it would be churlish of us not to surely? So, when we stumbled into Grand Wizard Theodore again, we thought it would be nice to get an affordable, mint 12 inch reissue out there of this early Hip-Hop classic. This is the guy who invented scratching no less. Two cuts that any music head needs in their collection, "Can I Get A Soul Clap 'Fresh Out Of The Pack" and "Hey What's Your Sign, What's Your Name, What's On Your Mind" Instrumental. This version hasn’t been reissued since 1982 and sells for up to £300, with the cheapest original at present clocking in at £200, over 10 times more than this “mint” remastered reissue. This is a crucial slice of musical culture right here - a double sided Hip Hop belter, with original Soul-O-Wax imprint labels.

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