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In a first for Furanum in terms of both style and format, Conrad Protzmann (Baeks, Rampe D) and Andreas Köhn, two of some of Berlin’s most steadfast purveyors of electronica, come together as Coan to deliver nine tracks of unconventional sonic explorations on the label’s first cassette release. Maschinenherz opens up the a-side with an industrially tinged ten-minute-long seeming ode to Basic Channel, as much dubbed out as it is processed and adroitly distorted. This vibe is taken a step further on the next track, ‘Gespräche’, wherein it is joined by a stark take on the classic acid sound of a 303. With ‘Auf Der Brücke’ on a3, however, and in similar fashion to the third b-side track (‘Auf Station 42’), an off-beat yet unmistakably driving ‘techno’ groove predominates. Finally, closing off the a-side is a part-electronic, part-acoustic sustained six minute long ambient exploration of stillness. The remaining tracks on the b-side, by contrast, largely present the duo’s more experimental approach to composition: a collage of discombobulated techno-minimalism, broken beats, and eccentric sampling weave and coalesce into four decisively unique arrangements. Limited to 50 copies

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