Chlär (Inc. Hadone Remix)

Wiring Our Emotions

Moments In Time
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Chlär unfurls a tempest of techno sonics with ‘Crying for Identity’ – a relentlessly climbing composition of chest-pounding drums and cagey hi hats. Chlär finds the perfect balance between warped ethereal pads and bone shattering rhythm sections – a whirlwind of dystopian sounds prove to be the perfect opening for the latest EP to grace Moments in Time. The newly established Manchester label is headed by Mark Bradbury aka Rudosa, exploring a darker, more brooding approach to techno. The perfect sanctuary for Chlär’s forceful and driving tracks. The opening track sees a quintessentially powerful remix from techno heavyweight and Possession Paris’s resident Hadone. Masterfully tweaking Chlär’s rhythmic architecture into a charged up and melodic ode to 90’s techno glory. Hadone has been clambering up the dance music echelons with great haste – he’s seen releases on esteemed labels such as Monnom Black and KAOS, leaving a blazing trail across the world club circuit with his uniquely melancholic sound. ‘Wiring our Emotions’ bears a fast-mutating arrangement with an impeccably textured bassline that feels alive with modulation. All elements point toward a kaleidoscopic breakdown sure to draw crowds from the farthest corner of the club straight into the fray. Chlär impressively congeals differing melodic elements to create a truly standout track equipped for extensive sound system use. The EP’s conclusive track ‘Nostalgic Ignition’ builds fervently upon the twisting framework of the record’s previous tracks. A processed and eerie choir sample glides softly through the track’s outer reaches to add a menacing level of depth to the composition. Chlär’s stereo imagery is second to none as the hi-hats sharpness meanders through the full-sounding and colourful mix. Moments in Time have cultivated a staggeringly dominant release with Chlär standing tall at the helm.

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