Galacticoast Mosi
Format   12"
Artist   Death Comet Crew
Title   Galacticoast Mosi
Genre   Electronica / Headz
Label   Citinite
Date   16.01.2014
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Death Comet Crew returns into the middle of an African street taxi jam.

Shimmering traffic moves slowly ahead, shadows replacing shadows across the asphalt. 
There is smoke in the sky and in the street.
Basslines pulse and weave through the jam.

[Waves of heat through crack in window seen through infrared heat-vision from overhead.]

Running down the left field of view, chrome flickers in slo-mo.
License numbers crawl.
A persistent scratching takes hold of the car’s horn, indicators on perpetual loop. 
Through the haze, lightning… Galacticoast Mosi. 

Up the well, the half dark space station hangs in lower orbit.
 Hybridized chimes ricochet past the main hall’s shuttered shop fronts.
Ricochets turn to echoes, like misplaced dimensions.
 The call and response of radio comms.
Acrophonics re-interpreted by a hieroglyphic being. 

Re-membered trajectories.


Death Comet Crew history:
1984 — started as Arena Sex Death, then Death Star Crew, ultimately Death Comet Crew. Went on to record ‘Exterior Street’ and ‘At the Marble Bar’ for the Beggars Banquet EP. The group was joined by MC The Rammellzee.
2003 — Death Comet Crew reissued DCC America on Troubleman.
2005 — group reforms and begins playing out again: Venice Bienalle, Serralves Foundation Porto, Berlin, The Worm Rotterdam, Ghent, Toulouse, Tokyo Club Unit, Osaka, CMJ.
2013 — EP of new material on Citinite, followed by an album on Diagonal Records.


Stuart Argabright — also in Ike Yard and Black Rain, 
Michael Diekmann — also in Ike Yard
Shinichi Shimokawa — also in Black Rain
DJ High Priest aka Nick Taylor — from Gray (the band which included Michael Holman and Jean-Michel Basquiat)

1. Galacticoast Mosi
2. Alpha Delta
4. Galacticoast (Gifted & Blessed remix)
5. Alpha Delta (Hieroglyphic Being reinterpretation)

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