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Montréal’s Courage Holdings new Collection Disques Durs imprint launches with yehno’s ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’ this March. Marking the first release on the freshly minted Collection Disques Durs, Nova Scotia’s yehno delivers the six-track ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’ EP, displaying his talent for crafting cinematic electronic music for the new venture from Courage Holdings. Title cut ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’ utilises chopped vocals and bright, airy synths for a vibrant start to the release. ‘We Can’ follows, bringing slinky, swung percussion amongst shimmering atmospherics, leading into the languid ‘Walk Alone’, which unravels beautifully through a series of evolving sections. ‘Fog Rolling’ brings a steady 4/4 kick amongst field recordings and introspective ambience, unwinding through eight minutes of bliss before moving into ‘Lullaby (For My Dramatic Self)’, which carries the ambient feeling forward, grounded by crunching, overblown percussion. Lead single ‘Our Best Selves’ rounds out the release elegantly, embracing fluttering drum patterns and dynamic, pulsating synthesis. Founded in 2018 in Montréal, Courage Holdings is an artist management and production company who have curated events such as Piknic Electronik and Igloofest. Courage now reinvents itself, focusing its efforts towards artistic content production with their new record label Collection Disques Durs, with forthcoming music from møziz, Victor Bongiovanni, TDJ, and more on the way for 2021. yehno ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’ lands on Collection Disque Durs in March. Lead single ‘Our Best Selves’ is out now.

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