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Offshore / Poolside Stories

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The vinyl debut of Sto Nii includes two very dope EPs. On the first side you will find "Offshore", which is a homage to the sea and at the same time a journey through his childhood. As a child Sto Nii spent most of his holidays by the sea in Scandinavia. Every departure left a great longing inside of him: the wind, the sea, the vastness and the rocky coastlines have shaped his love for the sea until today. In each of the ten tracks he has processed different moods of the sea and parts of these childhood memories. With "Poolside Stories" on side B the young producer delivers the perfect soundtrack for an easy summer time. Ready for some nice chill time at the swimming pool? Put on your sunglasses, get yourself a fruity drink and turn up the speakers and enjoy the laid back music. Limited to 150 copies. Tracklist A1 Fish Market A2 Beach A3 Coral Reef A4 Waves A5 Seven Seas A6 Sailing A7 Shell Phone A8 Tide A9 Stranded A10 Offshore B1 Poolside Stories B2 Big Brown Eyes B3 Holding Back B4 Summer Love B5 Swimming Pool B6 Trip To The Coast B7 I'm Not Cold B8 Cliffbanger B9 True Luv

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