Alice In Acidland

Atom Trance Force
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Atom is back with its 16th instalment, this time coming in hot with a debut release from Bristol based Rennz. Let him take you on a stripped back acid filled journey to the stratosphere at 170bpm. The B-side features two remixes from Atom's roster. Micropulse dials back the intensity and twists the melody into a new and more progressive cut at 160bpm. Last, but not least, Dr. Silberman marks his return to Atom after ATF010's popularity and support from Pawlowski at Possession in Paris. His remix perfectly captures the essence this much loved style, produced with love and attention. It's a must for any fan of classic German hard trance from the golden era of the 90s. As always, there will be an additional 50 "Collector's edition" copies available direct via the Atom website that include the Atom label jacket inside a full artwork sleeve with a vinyl backed sticker.

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