Set My Heart On Fire

Primrose County
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“Tight stuff, that’s a really cool fusion of styles!” Nathan Micay “Amazing! Really unique” Saoirse London-based musician Primrose creates spellbinding, colourful electronic music that blends bouncy club focused rhythms and the other-worldly soundscapes of dreampop, shoegaze, and film soundtracks, culminating into a fresh and distinctive sound that he affectionately refers to as ‘Blade Runner Techno’. As a DJ, Primrose is drawn to dramatic, emotional sounds and storming rhythmic transmissions from across the spectrum of electronic music and beyond, weaving between house, techno, 80s New Wave, post-punk & EBM. His debut EP ‘Set My Heart On Fire’, on his new label, Primrose County, is landing on 6th May, 2022, available digitally, for streaming, and on vinyl. The A1, ‘You, Me & Everything To Me’ is a cinematic beatless piece which kicks the record off on an emotional high, with a chirpy arp melody underpinned by brooding pads, growing into an overwhelming crescendo. The title track follows on the A2, combining soaring melodies, jumping broken drums, and a UK-leaning B-section in a melting pot of influences guaranteed to ignite the dancefloor, while still retaining a clear 80s synth-pop impact. On the flip, the record moves into deeper 4/4 territory with B1 ‘Foreverever’, centering around a rapid-fire arp line and jolty syncopated claps, anchored down by a propulsive kick and a warm sub. The emotive ‘This Is How It Ends’ closes the record, with its leaping melodies interwoven with a big, thick bass sound, accompanied by playful drums underpinning the otherwise bright and vivid soundscape. Primrose has a string of releases on established labels lined up in what will be a very busy 2022 for the newcomer, having received positive feedback from Avalon Emerson, Midland, and Nathan Micay to name a few, as well as receiving BBC Radio 1 support from Or:la and Saoirse.

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