Monomax Band

Immigrant Song

Mattoni Pazzi Studios
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Covering various classics is not uncommon in Italo Disco. Hardly a song that has not been pressed through the synth mill and spit out again with its own charm. This is also the case with the premiere release from the label “Mattoni Pazzi” with the “Monomax Band”: As the song title already reveals, you will find a reference to the Led Zeppelin classic on side A. In full 80’s Italo fashion, this version is peppered with synth riffs, glittering arpeggios, a thundering DX-7 bassline and almost gothic-tinged vocals. Side B is a remake of the remake and drifts off into the cosmic at a much higher tempo. A hypnotic repetitive bassline is underpinned with loving, oriental-inspired, lead melodies and vibrating soundscapes. Limited to 300 copies, this 7″ is a must for every vinyl lover!

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