Marko Nastic

How to Create the Vibe Around

Easy Tiger
15.95 €
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After a longer break, Marko Nastic is back with a new Easy Tiger release that was surely worth the wait! This time, Marko is bringing us three banging tracks that are inspired by the comeback of the 90s club sound with a cosmic touch to it. The opening track, "How to Create the Vibe Around", is an old-school roller with a punchy drum and a heavy bassline. Dreamy and trance-inspired synths will push you to the dance floor, and the acid sound will make you move. While you're vibing, the vocal is sure to hit the spot and complete this journey. "An Ode to the Executioner" is the beast of this EP. Starting with crazy modulations, it creates an euphoric energy that is fulfilled with a fat bassline and a straight-on techno beat. Uplifting acid and trance vocals keep us in a rapture state of mind.Last but not least, "Cables And Rain" continues the party with an old-school drum loop and a groovy bassline that reminds us of Marko's recognizable older production. Coloring this banger is a refreshing flute melody and a repetitive vocal. And of course, the wrapper of the track, once again, is the acid sound that is sure to lock you in place.

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