Manuold, Asquith, Yard, UC Beatz

803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts Volume 4

803 Crystal Grooves
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Cinthie’s 803 Crystal Grooves Collective Cuts imprint continues with a various artist package featuring Manuold, Asquith, UC Beatz and Yard One. Cinthie launched the Collective Cuts imprint 2019 with a VA from KETTAMA, Asquith, 9th House and S3A and has since gone on to release a follow up EP from the latter and a split EP from Anaxander and Azuni. As the name would suggest the label was built as a platform for Cinthie to showcase the music of her peers. Here we see this continue with a four track package welcoming back Asquith while introducing three new acts to the roster. Up first is Manuold with his ‘Classic Paradise’ cut, a disco-tinged house track employing soaring diva style vocals, bright keys, choppy bass hits and sweeping pad sequences throughout. Lobster Theremin’s Asquith then takes thing in a rave driven direction with bumpy breaks, heavy doses of sub bass and a hazy, resonant atmospheric pad. UC Beatz steps up next with ‘Picnic On A Roof’, laying down a smooth deep house feel via warbling Rhodes, cinematic strings, wandering jazz tinged bass and organic drums before Yard One round out the release with ‘Disjoint’, fusing a dynamic drum workout with gritty bass hits, bright synth sequence and emotive atmospherics. Track List: 1. Manuold – Classic Paradise 2. Asquith – Souls (Deep Mix) 3. UC Beatz – Picnic On A Roof 4. Yard One - Disjoint

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