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Mix and Blen Vinyl Series 1

Mix & Blen
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Ibiza Records has collaborated with Mix and Blen label owner and Dj/Produced by Kenny Ken aka Soundclash Champion 1994 (Roller Express to bring you this 3 track EP called Mix and Blen Vinyl Series 1... These tracks made in 1997/98 when he brought a whole studio n decided he wanted to produce musik... Back then it was Akai n Emu samplers, Mackie desks and a hot of other bits n pieces. These 3 tracks were'nt for release just meant forr Kenny only... Now its 2020 n Kenny has been thru old DATS n musik on old hard drives n decided 2 release sum of those tracks... Enjoy… 1. Everyman Rare Mix: Original reggae riff was cut up with a synth pattern underneath n energetic beats on the drop with a reggae infuenced bassline along with sum virus top basses making the flow... 2. Dancehall: Intro a mix of dancehall vocals along with sum played notes n stabby bass notes on the drop with a smooth 808 bass underneath, beats just rolling... 3. Kill Ya Bumber: Reggae piano skank intro with skippy beats n strong vocals n rumbling 808 bass with synth stabs on the drop n rolling energetic beats.... Written by Kenny Ken Produced by Kenny Ken

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