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Kenn-Eerik is an Estonian versatile sound artist and musician working in Tallinn. His passion for music began in early childhood when he witnessed accordion playing as a six-year-old boy. Encouraged by this musical experience, he learned various instruments over the years, engaged in choir singing, and participated in the activities of several bands. Even today, he is part of a band called Käsi which was created with friends from teenage times. Kenn-Eerik became interested in electronic music during high school when he composed the first songs – inspired by dubstep and dub. Wanting to cultivate his technical music skills, he went to study sound technology at the Viljandi Academy of Culture. Along with his studies in Viljandi, he acquired his first drum machines and synthesizers, which, in addition to his personal creative activities, were also used to compose music for dance performances. While his first DJ sets consisted mainly of dubstep, with minor detours into the areas of techno and house, by now this relationship has become the opposite – techno and house beats have become more concrete and present, but the influences of dub and dubstep are still there. Over the years, Kenn-Eerik has played in several Tallinn clubs such as Ulme, Ups, Asum, Uni, Hall, etc. His live debut took place at the festival Kuru Plirr (2015). In addition to DJ and live sets, cooperation with several theaters operating in Estonia has deepened over time, where he has composed soundscapes based on original music. Kenn-Eerik’s music can be characterized as a search for a certain state. His sound language is centered on organically flowing synth lines and minimalistic rhythms, which combine the deeper areas of techno, house, ambient and experimental music. Kenn-Eerik does not directly set genre restrictions for himself, nor does he limit himself in the choice of choosing instruments – anything that inspires and drives will be used, starting from analog synthesizers and ending with recorded sewer pipe sounds.

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