Jnn Aprl

Gift n Curse Principle

Rene Koala
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On Gift n Curse Principle, Jnn Aprl puts forth her own signature interpretation of “techno”, relying on her art school drop out sensibilities and analog ear. After spending the better portion of the last decade immersing herself in the heartland of electronic music, The Seoul by way of Chicago by way of Detroit by way of Seoul again producer and DJ is proud to present the debut of her new EP as well as her new label, Rene Koala. Find on the record a set of tracks spanning the gamut, made with the assistance of a MPC 1000, a Prophet Synth, vocal effect and some grit. For the dancers and for the artist alike, each song represents a journey. 'Gift n Curse Principle' employs a minimal beat with raw intention. ‘Freedom Bondage’ taps into a low frequency and steady modulation, emulating a heartbeat. All tracks ask to be heard in their entirety. This EP was made with support from Piranhahead of Rustbelt Studios and Bill Skibbe of Third Man Records. “It’s your journey” - Scott Grooves A1, A4, B1 Engineered by Maurice Herd A2, A3, B2, B3, B4 Engineered by Jin April A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B4 Mastered by Bill Skibbe B3 Mastered by Beau Thomas Artwork Photography by JY Yoon Produced by Jnn Aprl

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