Knok / Violet

Negative Space [Ma]
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Knok/Violet is an original and forward-facing statement of intent from the emerging producer. Playful minimalism and subtly complex rhythms form the basis of HUNA’s deconstructed club electronica which have already caught the attention of tastemaker DJ’s such as Yak, Simo Cell, upsammy, rRoxymore, Jossy Mitsu, re:ni, LCY (fka LUCY), Martha, Laksa, Yu Su, Nathan Miccay, Denham Audio, Ronan + more, who have shown early support for the debut release. Duelling melodies and bouncing percussion make for a fierce and battering listen on today’s offering ‘Violet’, whereas ‘Knok’ is a percussive, bass- heavy cut that sees HUNA leaning into febrile glitchy rhythms, rattling breaks and subtle dissonance. Growing up in a rural satellite town in the south of England, HUNA’s exposure to electronic music was minimal and the internet was where his fascination for the genre flourished, becoming the source of his eclectic style. Despite being at the dawn of his career, the producer is already making waves cutting his teeth as a resident DJ at Rye Wax in Peckham and his fresh sound design-centred approach to club music makes him a newcomer with serious clout. At two releases deep, Negative Space [Ma] has established itself as one of the most vital new imprints in leftfield electronic music. Priding themselves on discovering stylishly idiosyncratic producers, this latest single follows previous releases from unperson and R.O.S.H as well as renowned label club nights that featured early bookings of tastemakers such as object blue, upsammy, CCL, TASHA + more.

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