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The 83 label is a byword for musical quality, professionalism and hard work. Since its first release in 2016, it has ceaselessly discovered the very best new breakbeat talent and music, becoming what many consider to be the leading label in the genre. For its debut in physical format, the label's head, Raul Bautista, aka GUAU, has produced a self-titled 12" vinyl. It opens with his hit Acid Bits, a collaboration with Bowser that has become one of the genre's most played songs in recent times and is seen as the anthem which kick started the recent revival of the Acid Break sound. The second track on side A is Dangerous, another tune well known to two step/garage fans, in which a pulse sets the tempo for a sophisticated base line which converses with a range of sound artefacts and the song's lead vocal. It's a treat for the ears in a completely different style from the first track. This is GUAU: capable of charming the listener while showing off his complete mastery of different registers, as is confirmed by his approach to side B. Two progressively emotional break tracks that will transport you to contrasting worlds... his vision of Utopia and Dystopia, in which two opposing ideologies move towards a common goal that somehow conjures up positivity despite all the obstacles faced. Mastered by Simon Davey at the Exchange Vinyl, it is an undoubted masterpiece of the genre in vinyl format.

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