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"Synesthesia" by Erdmann marks the third release under the Trance Atlantyk label, a burgeoning entity emerging from the vibrant music scenes of Berlin and Warsaw, formed just last year. Hailing from Poland's dynamic electronic music landscape, Erdmann is swiftly making a name for himself with his innovative fusion of progressive house, proto trance, and techno. Renowned for his ability to craft immersive sonic experiences, the producer enthralls audiences with his ethereal melodies, pulsating rhythms, and evocative atmospheres. His debut vinyl release, the four-track EP "Synesthesia," offers a transcendental journey through both space and time. Opening the EP is "Re-Experience," a hypnotic dance anthem boasting a pulsating bassline and ethereal melodies. This track cleverly utilizes familiar dance music motifs to deliver a pristine example of modern progressive house. "The Dolphin Track" plunges listeners into deeper waters, its slower tempo enveloping them in a sea of shimmering synths and entrancing rhythms reminiscent of trance's early days. Next, "Inside Your Mind" delves into the psyche's inner workings, navigating the labyrinth of the subconscious with haunting melodies and tantalizing vocal snippets. Its mesmerizing allure blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination, all while retaining its irresistible dancefloor appeal. Concluding the EP is the titular track "Synesthesia," a sonic odyssey seamlessly blending progressive house and proto trance elements to create a deep, enthralling peak-time anthem.

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