Eivind Vullum & Telephones

Ohms Love Variations

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Brand new label VIBRASJON kicks off with a tsunami remix EP, joining two of west-coast Norway's favourite sea-gazers. Following Vullum's "Ohms Love" LP from last year, Telephones reimagines and transforms the material through three elaborate new metamorphosis. Beatless ambient, leftfield trip-hop and euphoric balearic techno - from 0 to 137 bpm. "Changgu-Satturnu (Telephones' Mind Meld)" takes you on a cinematic ride to the etheral, while the strong emotional tide of "Tustna (Telephones Slowmocean Ambient Mix)" pulls you out, far and deep through rogue waves and swells of starry-eyed nostalgia and pure feel. Flipping the record, not to mention tempo, "Tustna (Telephones Sueñotechno Rush Mix)" is exactly what it sounds like: A pounding 12 minute mind-trip through ambient techno, to a parallel universe where Hawaii, Detroit, Goa and west-coast Norway are all grains of sand at the same beach.. do not miss!

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