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Economy Of Meaning (EOM) makes multilayered sound textures that unfold between different landscape topographies. Using field recordings, guitars, objects and synthesized sounds in live improvised collages and compositions, EOM works on the periphery of everyday accumulation, as well as a meditation on the threshold between wakefulness and dreams. The new album Site Seeing takes as a starting point the desert landscape of Sharjah, investigating rural and urban terrains that unravel in a collage between experienced moments and reconstructed memories. Based on audio field recordings made during a sound residency at the Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE) in December 2021, the album gradually weaves into an ambient collage and meditation on peripheral zones and worlds that are equally inhabited by non-human organisms and animated objects. Economy Of Meaning is a sound project by Danish artist Kristoffer Kjærskov, who works in an interdisciplinary field between sound and visual art. The LP Site Seeing is released in limited edition in collaboration with Calling Cards Publishing (UK) and the Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE).

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