Echo Romeo

Your Tears

Kings Of Harmony
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Max Holler a Berlin-based singer and musician founded Echo Romeo in the early 80s and later the Atlantic Popes, which himself considers his main project together with Bernhard Lloyd (from Alphaville). In those years Max's dream was to direct films and create music videos but, according to his statements, the equipment for it was way too expensive. Therefore, after meeting Jurgen Erdmann from Dusseldorf, Echo Romeo and the first and only single "Your Tears" were born. The Wall was still there and Jurgen had insanely adventurous car journeys to reach Berlin, precisely the Tritonus Studio where they recorded the masterpiece. But, despite everything and everyone, the title track "Your Tears" is one of the most seminal examples of robotic synth-wave we've ever heard with a driving bass that blows you away, mixed with a pulsating soul and lyrics that are pure poetry. On the B-side, we find "Dreams" and the same kind of atmosphere but, drastically pitched down and with a splash of jazz that is actually Max's first love. The fully remastered reissue comes courtesy of Max Holler via the new Kings Of Harmony imprint.

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