DJ Godfather X DJ Mell G

Cops Can't Dance

Juicy Gang
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Marking the first release on DJ MELL G's Juicy Gang Records label, the legendary DJ Godfather joins forces with an artist who has continuously shone throughout the dark days of 2020 and beyond -- DJ MELL G herself. Echoing the pair's bouncy aesthetic and love for freakish electro and ghettotech, the Detroit legend and rising star from Hamburg have produced a 4-track EP called 'COPS CAN'T DANCE'. Combining the vibrant efforts of DJ Godfather and DJ MELL G with Detroit vocalist Parkhouse, 'WERK N' TWERK FEAT. PARKHOUSE' opens up the EP with pulsating aplomb. A synth-heavy production with a touch of acid stitched between Parkhouse's relentless orders to "werk n twerk", it's the product of three artists delivering a succulent punch. With Parkhouse's vocal too good for just one track, 'VOCAL' follows suit. A stand-alone edition of Parkhouse's lyrics from 'WERK N' TWERK', it's stripped-back to the bone and provides a tool for DJs to layer into their sets. On the flip, 'SPLINTER' rips through, highlighting DJ Godfather and DJ MELL G's penchant for electro. Bleeps, blips and burbles, this is an off-kilter opus with a futuristic twist. Imagine a world ruled by AI, robots and humans hibernating in pods; 'The Matrix' sonified.* Wrapping up the EP in a parcel of skittering percussion and wobbling bass and tied up with a fluorescent pink bow, 'HIT THAT SHIT' ends the release on an urgent note. Fast, frantic and a little bit chaotic, the final track embodies the energy that Juicy Gang Records is all about and leaves a tantalizing tease of what else is to come from DJ MELL G's brainchild.

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Electro / House / Ghetto

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