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After a well received opening release from Luca Piermattei, Fresh Tunez have announced their second installment. At the controls this time they have DJ Gerald aka Himalaya Juice Culture, the “For President“ EP contains five tracks that meander through various dance floor influences, each of them providing a warm and enriched experience. Diving in at the deep end is “M.RX7” a pacey and energetic quest, living up to the playful and animated ethos of the label, spacey synths circulate the belly of the track. The sleek and silky sounds of “Weakand” create an inviting atmosphere for the listener, as you become absorbed by the deep and emotional chords, and tight drum arrangements. Riding a squiggling groove on the B side is “Stuva”, subtle acid tinges lace the track enabling it to heat up any given dancefloor. B2 “Yamaha” shows some real intelligent tenacity, and versatility in DJ Gerald’s sound. Melt in your mouth pads breathing life into the glitchy broken drums. A fitting end to the EP is “Hey Hey Stay One”, a two and a half minute trip of unique and blissful textures to ease you out of the release. The System Error brand continues to shine in recent times with a slew of high quality and sought after releases under their belt, showing no signs of slowing down over the next period, with TUNEZ002 being a fantastic addition to the refined catalogue.

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