Dirty Old Pharrell

I’ve Got Your Montel/I’ve Got Your Beenie

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A1. Dirty Old Pharrell – I’ve Got Your Montel B1. Dirty Old Pharrell – I’ve Got Your Beenie The year is 1999 and The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) are working on a new track for Wu Tang Clan Member, Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s new album. The track in question, “Got Your Money”, was an unexpectedly poppy, upbeat and melodic track that would go on to have global success. Buried within the multi-track recordings of the ODB’s hit track is an acapella by Pharrell, recorded early in the tracks production. Bringing his own laid-back style and flow, but keeping to the narrative of ODB’s track, Pharrell delivers a secret version of the track, few will have heard. Alloy Cuts delivers two versions of Pharrell’s hidden bars, mashing up one side with Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”, giving the track a more golden era sound and on the flip side the classic ragga riddim, the “Snake Riddim”, is used to great effect!

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