Cristina Lazic

L’Amour EP

La Zic
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This EP is inspired by love and dreams and continues her quest to find the perfect blend of emotional yet minimal melodic beats. Opener 'L'Amour' radiates Lazic's signature sounds with a slick bassline and melodic chords that convey meaningful emotions under female spoken words. It's a seductive world of warm pads and silky beats that cast a hypnotic spell. The fantastic 'Todo El Universo' features the vocals of Lazic's Spanish friend Monica. The title translates as 'all the universe' and is a favourite line from Paulo Coelho's novel The Alchemist about accomplishing your dreams. It's a deep and comforting groove with soft drums and pillowy pads that soothe the soul and are perfect for more intimate dance floors. Remixer Nu Eau is a pivotal part of Romania's minimal scene with a meticulously crafted sound that has taken him to the likes of Gettraum and Memoria Recordings and he also co-founded the Uvar imprint. His version of ‘L'Amour' is more up tempo but no less heady, with lush cosmic synths doing an elegant dance over the compelling beats. Spanish pair Los Suruba have done it all over the last 20 years - released hundreds of tracks, played thousands of gigs, established their own network of record labels, held residencies everywhere from Ibiza to London and crafted countless underground hits. Their remix of ‘L'Amour' is serene and cerebral with paranoid voices drifting through the mix and rippling chords keeping you afloat in the cosmos.

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