Soft Fascination

Fast At Work
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Deep within the freeway buzz of dystopian Los Angeles, there exists an unstoppable sonic gathering of minds, who call themselves “Fast At Work” and abide by a belief in the deeper potential of higher tempos. However, lately, there has been some debate about the true existence of the Fast At Work mantra. Just as the debate was reaching its climax, seemingly out of nowhere, a helicopter emerged containing a musical capsule from the future (or possibly aliens). The group accepted this music as scripture, and coined it “Soft Fascination,” – naming group member Carré as their chosen matriarch. Through the title hymn “Soft Fascination,” Carré preached a proto vision of a classic dubstep bassline and tender pads. With “Cute Mad,” Carré magically induced a sense of positivity and bubbly bass. And with the third offering, “Glowing,” she pushed her audience closer to understanding simplicity and space. Finally, in an effort to expand their gospel to the furthest realms of their musical world, she recruited Priori and James Bangura to create their own missions, rooted in the original offerings of the alien helicopter’s capsule disc. While Priori expertly rearranged “Soft Fascination” into a shiny mind-melter, James Bangura expanded on the lightness of “Glowing,” creating his own lucid dreamscape of deep melancholia.

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