Cafe de la Jungle

Tuvan Spirits (incl. Tolouse Low Trax remix) [full colour sleeve]

Dans Le Desert
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Cafe de la Jungle returns with Tuvan Spirits EP for Dans de la Desert, exploring further his fascination with shamanic practices in highly dynamic sound environments. While his excellent debut Dancing with Cicadas was rife with dangerous and mysterious rhythms, the Krakow-based producer takes a more laid back approach this time. Built around cavernous ambiance and bass notes played with such grace they paint a picture of a dance ritual so subtle, it's visceral and highly narrative at the same time. While the bass ballet of "Kus" opens the record in a beautiful and stoic way, its followup -the percussive "Chas"- takes on a playful approach as it's juxtaposing throat singing samples with jaw harp-like one off sounds bouncing off skittery beats. "Kysh" on the other hand puts Zajac's mastery of modular sculpting to such a high that you might change your opinion about Italians being the masters of dubby, ambient techno you can drown in. To top off the EP in a spectacular way, Cafe de la Jungle invited Toulous Low Trax who turned "Kysh" into his trademark mechanical style, achieving a fascinating combination of off-kilter clockwork precision and long forgotten folklore of unknown lands. Dans le Desert, 2022.

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