Blk Odyssey

Black Vintage: The Reprise

Blk Odyssy / Empire
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BLK ODYSSY seamless fuse Alternative soul with elements of 70s Rock & Roll into a new fresh sound. Front man, singer-songwriter & producer Sam Houston & Guitarist Alejandro Rios bring two opposite ends of the Music spectrum to one stage to deliver a sanctifying musical experience. Growing up in the urban city of Plainfield New Jersey, Sam was exposed to Neo-Soul, Funk as well as the Life lessons that brought this music about early on. Key Marketing/Selling: - Special Packaging Features: Printed Sleeves & 24x36 Poster. - LP pressed on Color in Color vinyl - Milky Clear with Bone. - CD also available (ERE845 - 194690858864). - BLK ODYSSY has over 700K monthly listeners on Spotify. - This album has amassed over 10M Spotify track streams to-date. - BLK VINTAGE: THE REPRISE is a broadened perspective of themes & stories discussed in BLK ODYSSY'S debut BLK VINTAGE, a concept album that tells a story of tragedy & triumph within the black community. - The additional songs dive into more specific stories that inspired these songs. - Benny's Got a Gun speaks on the deadly cycle of retaliation accompanied by Complex of Killing a Man which tells that same exact story from the victim's perspective. - Suicide Doors details the concept of success for African Americans from 3 different perspectives blanketed in what seems to be a celebratory bop about getting paid that. - Also contains a Ghost Ride Remix featuring Mereba. - Appearances on this deluxe include George Clinton, Benny the Butcher, Mereba and Baby Rose. Tracklist: A1/1. BLK VINTAGE (INTRO) (Feat. Grace Sorenson) A2/2. FUNKENTOLOGY A3/3. NINETEEN EIGHTY A4/4. BENNY'S GOT A GUN (Feat. Benny the Butcher & George Clinton) B1/5. SUICIDE DOORS B2/6. HANG LOW (Feat. James Robinson) B3/7. BIG BAD WOLF/SOBER (Feat. Eimaral Sol) B4/8. YA NO PODIA SALIR C1/9. MURDA C2/10. GHOST RIDE (Feat. Mereba) C3/11. BLK REVOLUTION C4/12. COMPLEX OF A KILLING A MAN (Feat. Baby Rose) D1/13. THE REPRISE (Feat. Charlie Stacey) D2/14. DAISIES D3/15. DRINKING GOOD (Feat. Eimaral Sol)

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