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Throw My Fears Into The River (Orange Vinyl)

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AMELI IN THE WOODS ANNOUNCES DEBUT ALBUM “Throw My Fears Into The River”“ Ameli approaches her inner demons by making them the center of her compositions. On 19 of January 2024 the long awaited debut album “Throw My Fears Into The River'' by the awarded musician Ameli and her indie project “Ameli in the Woods” will finally see the light. High expectations are set with the release of the album’s first single “Heroine“ including its nostalgically themed music video. In this single Ameli is singing “Close my eyes and find my heroine...I want to settle down”. Her restlessness is clashing with a sluggish beat and morphing into the home she is looking for. With “Heroine” the German melodic indie jazz outfit “Ameli in the woods“ announces her profoundly emotional and slightly trippy debut album “Throw my fears into the river“ via independent Berlin-based imprint MEIOSIS Records, processing the fears of a human beingliving through the struggles of her generation.

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