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Nine years in and still going strong Definition:Music is back for a new season, proudly presenting a fresh release that has been in the making for about 12 months now – ALMA (GER)’s „Hold EP“. Marking the beginning of a new era in the labels history this new single, available both on vinyl as well as on digital platforms, is about to pave the way for more great things to come within the Definition:Music cosmos. The opening title track „Hold“ sees the duo that is ALMA (GER) on a heart-warming, melodic TechHouse tip – a style they’re known and loved for since they first joined forces in the studio. With well thought out arrangements and carefully layered elements things are building up big time, sending dancefloors to heaven even before the tunes captivating main vocals appear to certainly create a bridge between (Neo)Trance-infused club culture and a decent, yet obvious Electronic Pop appeal for a wider audience. Following up is „You“, the second original track crafted by ALMA (GER) for this release. From a techier start this musical offering is built off of a super solid TechHouse stomp, intertwined, ever modulating synth lines alongside atmospheric risers, a short, slightly warped main motif and – once again – mysterious, spine-tingling vocal elements enchanting entire venues within seconds, providing memorable moments for each and every punter out on the floor. Finally ALMA (GER) is in for a special treatment, taking over remix controls for „Relinquished“ - a tune originally created by the Definition:Music’s creative force and head honcho Definition himself. Coming from a deeper, naturalistic angle this re-work offers a slightly tribalistic, possibly latin-infused groove for balearic sunset sets, paired with widescreen panoramas,

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